It has always been my opinion - that there is not much point in paying for photography if you are not going to get anything for it. Sure it's nice to put some digital images on facebook but the lifespan of a facebook image is only about 24 hours. I think that a quality image deserves to be printed and displayed on your wall and/or desk

The ever-changing nature of the photography business has created a very consumer friendly atmosphere of affordable (but often very cheap) printed products. As the person you have made responsible for creating beautiful images I recognize the value SOME of these companies are offering and I decided I wanted to join them in providing affordable printed products.

By providing the print service directly, I have 100% control over the look and quality of the finished product which gives me a tremendous sense of relief. Unfortunately I have witnessed first-hand what can happen to my photographs when they are not properly handled during the printing process.

To meet the demands of ALL my customers I offer two different lines of products. My Premium Line uses the highest quality products that I could source. Each print is produced on a premium line of canvas or fine art paper, and they are all treated to a museum grade finish which in some cases includes the application of a varnish. I also offer an alternative line that uses high quality products but does not carry the 100 year guarantee.


Frame StyleSizePrice
Premium 12x18 Gallery Wrap$70
Premium 16x20 Gallery Wrap$80
Premium 16x24 Gallery Wrap$90
Premium 20x30 Gallery Wrap$125
Premium 20x40 Gallery Wrap$150
Regular 12x16 Gallery Wrap$35
Regular 16x20 Gallery Wrap$45
White 12x16 Canvas Box$59
Black 12x16 Canvas Box$59
White 16x20 Canvas Box$80
Black 16x20 Canvas Box$80
White 16x24 Canvas Box$90
Black 16x24 Canvas Box$90
Black 20x30 Canvas Box$115
8x12 Canvas in 12x16 Frame$50